[Xorg] Commit mails

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at nrubsig.org
Mon Mar 1 07:39:01 PST 2004

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> >  > I don't like the new style of commit messages. I wan't to keep
> >  > track what the other developers of Cygwin/X are commiting but
> >  > this is very difficult with the diff-less messages.
> >  >
> >  > What about sending the normal messages (those with the diff) to
> >  > another mailing list (xorg-commit-full) to allow people to
> >  > select the message type they want.
> >
> > That could be done, however you should be able to generate the
> > diff with my script ~eich/scripts/diff_extract.sh which can
> > be used as an email filter in many mailers.
> > I'm was not overly happy with huge diffs filling up my mailbox
> > so I asked if we could change this and since oone objected I
> > went ahead and did it. If you want a separate mailing list we
> > can go ahead and set it up. I haven't done so as we have too
> > many lists already.
> I liked the messages with diffs for most of the small putbacks,
> but definitely did not like the mail storm generated from them
> when the last set of XFree86 changes were merged and we got over
> 100 of them at once.

Is there any way to bundle the commits, e.g. that one email per CVS
commit (e.g. one email per CVS TCP connection[1] ?!) is generated ? The
Xfree86 merge was worse and I guess a similar cats&dogs-style email rain
will swamp the xorg-commit list when I open my branch...

[1]=Split into 5MB chunks to avoid that emails get rejected... some
providers/universities and email hubs have 5MB/10MB/15MB/etc. email size
limits (just to avoid that students/customers start to send 650MB ISO
images around =:-)



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