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Daniel Stone daniel at freedesktop.org
Fri Jul 30 18:27:43 PDT 2004

On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 09:42:00AM +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> I'm proposing xlibs with this mail.
> Rationale:
> Everyone uses and loves X. The current list of xlibs modules is:
> Extensions - CompositeExt, DamageExt, FixesExt, ResourceExt,
>              PanoramiXExt, RecordExt, XCalibrateExt, ScrnSaverExt,
>              XExtensions, Xproto, PM, Randr, Render
> Libraries - FS, ICE, SM, X11, XCalibrare, XRes, XTrap, Xau, Xext,
>             Xcomposite, Xcursor, Xdamage, Xdmcp, Xi, Xfixes, Xfont,
> 	    Xfontcache, Xft, Xinerama, Xmu, Xtst, Xrandr, Xrender, Xss,
> 	    Xv, Xxf86dga, Xxf86misc, Xxf86rush, Xxf86vm, xkbfile, xkbui
> Data - xkbdesc
> Bastard half-children of the 80's - xtrans
> Half-supported libraries - Xaw, Xp, Xpm, Xt
> The half-supported libraries are to be considered deprecated. While they
> will be included in this platform release, and will be until such time
> as they are no longer enjoying widespread use, they are to be removed in
> later releases.

This is more difficult than it appears - there are two competing
versions of xlibs out there (modular and monolithic). Thus, I think what
we need to do here is specify that this component can also be fulfilled
by a full installation of X11R6.7 (either 6.7.0 or 6.7.1), and leave it
at that.

... but pkg-config support is pretty much essential. So we'd need to
port the pkg-config stuff back to 6.7.1 if we are to depend upon that.

X.Org guys: do I have approval to add this stuff into the tree tonight,
even if I do miss the feature freeze by an hour or two? If we can get
pkg-config support in for all the libraries, paralleling what is in the
modular tree, that would rock, and make the platform release a lot

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