[Xorg] cfk tinerbox things

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Jul 30 14:24:43 PDT 2004

1. Can someone kick the columns that start with cfk and don't have any activity?



and  cfk.tsp Linux 2.6.6 Clbr - I rebooted the box without ^Cing the client.

Sorry about the big names that make wide columns and then switching to small
names that use up even more columns. ;)

2. Does it really make sense for tinderbox client to rm-rf everything?  at 4
hours per build, I would think that incremental updates would be more useful.

3. I think it is worth mentioning that  cfk.sahara.kpx3.4 (green) is a
knoppix3.4 CD boot, with just #define HasFreetype2 NO  - so pretty easy to get a
box up and testing.

Carl K

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