[Xorg] new comitter

Bryce Harrington bryce at osdl.org
Sun Jul 25 18:09:46 PDT 2004

On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Eric Anholt wrote:
> We have no Linux tinderboxes running, so any Linux tinderbox would be
> great.  I would go with a recent redhat or suse.  I'm thinking at this
> point that I need to make some more tb server-controllable knobs in the
> scripts.  Adding a no-DRI control would be easy (I have it in the
> scripts and I hand-edit the switch to "on" on the machine I do it on).
> Checking different GCC versions might be useful, and adding a control
> for that wouldn't be hard I don't think.  If we get too many variables,
> though, we'll have to figure out a better way of formatting the output.

Okay, cool.  The way our framework works is it allows selecting a test,
distro, machine, kernel (or other tools/libs) version, and additional
cmdline options to pass to the test wrapper.  So any of those can be
varied as needed.

The one thing that's a bit odd is that since the machines are in a pool
and are used for a variety of other tests, we can't have them
continually running just one thing, so we could really only do runs
periodically (e.g., every 24 hrs or when a release is made.)  So that
might be less useful than a dedicated machine; on the other hand, it
might be useful for providing a range of system configurations (such as
different versions of gcc or other tools/libs).

> I think build client resources are the biggest thing we need.  Thanks!

Okay, cool.

By the way, at OSDL we also provide hardware access for open source
projects for specific testing projects.  Typically these are intended
for use for a period of time (rather than indefinitely), but if people
need something like that, the hardware's there for use.  There's a form


Some guidelines are here:



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