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Eric Anholt eta at lclark.edu
Sun Jul 25 15:27:47 PDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-07-25 at 10:56, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Keithp writes:
> > Around 17 o'clock on Jul 24, Matthieu Herrb wrote:
> >> I've been added as a comitter to xorg. I plan to work on OpenBSD (and
> >> NetBSD) support and continue my work on general X security.
> >
> > Cool.  As you might know, we're planning a release near the end of
> > August, and it'd be nice to get better test coverage on those systems.
> > We ran a tinderbox for the last release on a few machines which helped
> > catch build issues.  When we manage to get this running again, would
> > you be able to let us abuse machines to do automated build and Xvfb
> > testing?
> Hi Guys,
> Jim approached me yesterday at the convention about tinderbox and other
> testing that OSDL might be able to help with.  (By the way, I loved all
> the X talks - they were the most interesting part of the show!)
> I know Cliff White was working on setting up Tinderbox for X here at
> OSDL earlier.  I'll check with him about it tomorrow - what is left to
> be done on it?
> As far as other testing, we've got some automated systems set up to run
> regression and performance tests for the kernel and postgres.  If
> someone would like to work on this, we can expand the framework to
> include running X tests.  If this is something that X needs, I think
> it'd be cool to get set up.  :-)
> (My OLS presentation slides on this are at:
>  http://developer.osdl.org/bryce/ols_testing_presentation/ )


We've got a tinderbox build system already, though it's not in very good
shape.  I feel like the script is a little fragile (after the DRI merge
I got some spurious errors for several runs, but now we're back to the
expected freetype errors).  Mostly we're missing build machines.  I've
set up a system doing normal and non-DRI builds on FreeBSD, but I don't
think I'll be able to keep that particular machine for very long.  I've
got motherboards, CPUs, RAM, and disks here to set up some dedicated
tinderbox clients, but I need some ATX rackmount cases in order to house
them, and those are rather expensive :(  So it looks like we need people
to run the scripts themselves unless I find a solution to the housing

There are several things that would be very nice to do with our
tinderbox.  One would be to add a script option to tar up the results of
builds and make them available online, providing up-to-date binaries of
2d drivers and allowing us to phase out the DRI snapshot script we're
using currently.  Another would be to collect a set of appropriate tests
(xtest suite, rendercheck?) to be run under Xvfb to test that DIX
remains sane.  The tinderbox3 system has a lot of rough edges in terms
of general interface and configuration that could use polishing, too.

Hmm.  If I had some of those machines working, and we were producing the
source tarballs periodically for snapshots, I could probably make some
xorg-snap ports for FreeBSD and set up a port build cluster locally to
catch breakages of 3rd-party apps.  That could be really useful to do
before release.

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