[Xorg] Re: xorg Digest, Vol 5, Issue 27

Deron Johnson Deron.Johnson at sun.com
Fri Jul 23 15:21:21 PDT 2004

Keith Packard wrote:

> DAMAGE/Composite:
> 	See my separate message about background == None windows, other 
> 	than that, I've got several significant systems using Damage
> 	and Composite with good results, so I think we're in pretty
> 	good semantic shape here.
> 	We still haven't got a 'clean' Composite implementation running
> 	on XAA-based drivers (or in fact any drivers other than kdrive),
> 	Deron Johnson has implemented a more generic wrapper layer but
> 	hasn't sent that back to the community yet.

This generic wrapper layer is now available as a part of the lg3d-x11
project on java.net. I announced the lg3d-x11 project at the end of
June. This generic wrapper layer is called comptran and the code
for it is in Xserver/composite in the lg3d-x11 tree.

Stuart K. and I are currently working on merging this stuff into the 
main Xorg tree. This will contain comptran plus other bug fixes I've
made to composite.

Keith: I'd like to set up a phone meeting to discuss the fixes I've
made to composite and lightpipe. Are you up for this? I can write up
and send out what I've done and then we can discuss it after you've
had a chance to review it.

As for the Project Looking Glass specific code, I'm not going to
be integrating that into the Xorg tree at this time. But I would like
to discuss whether/how to integrate this in the future. Basically,
there is a new extension LGE (Looking Glass Extension). This is fairly
modular. But what is not modular is that I've had to add (suitably 
ifdef'd) code to various files such as events.c to support input 
redirection to a 3D display server. I'm not sure whether people are 
ready to accept this code at this point. What I've done my not be the
best way to do it in the long term.

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