[Xorg] source of input

Matthew Evan Fowle thefowle at wam.umd.edu
Mon Jul 19 23:18:16 PDT 2004

i've been trying to write a multi-user window manager, sort of a x2x or
synergy in reverse, but i cannot get off the ground: i am unable to find
any means to detect which input source an input event was
generated with.

my goal is to be able to seperate the different input sources from one
another.  so i could have, for example, two mice, each with their own
distinct cursor.  i'm willing to implement a crude hack to share a
CorePointer between two "fake" cursors (the "window manager"), but I have
been unable to find any means to differentiate input between the two mice.

if anyone has suggestions for how I can go about finding what physical
device an input event (Motion, keyboard, or otherwise) was generated from,
i would be very much oblidged.

Thank you

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