[Xorg] dri changes during merge process..?

Seb seb.bel at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 17 19:52:47 PDT 2004

 I've been spending the last couple of days trying to find an answer to 
this, and have in fact found several different reasons etc, most ending 
up with: nothing you can do.

The specific problem is (in my case) with a radeon r350 card and ati's 
binary driver, and the xorg server.

As many people an example of the problem is running glxinfo spits out 
"name of display: :0.0" then stops and sits there, if dri is enabled in 
the xorg.conf file while using the fglrx drivers (3.9).

The conclusions I have found about this relate to the dri merge event.

Obviously nothing can be done about the drivers from ati until they put 
new ones out.

What I am wondering is if there has been any attempt to backport 
whatever was changed in the dri code back to whatever it was at the 
point where the ati drivers did work (while still being able to use the 
xorg's server.. i'd hate to have to move back to xfree 4.3, hassle and 
all that).  Certainly there are enough people out there with ati's that 
would appreciate being able to use 3d in dri...  unless there already is 
a way to get it to work that I just didn't stumble upon... to warrent 
some kind of backport or interface or something on the dri code...

That is, of course.. if this is the right list to address this issue 
with.. seemed to be on the months of emails i went through looking for 
any hints.


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