[Xorg] BadDrawable when fowarding display

Matthew Sims matt at killermookie.org
Thu Jul 15 11:36:03 PDT 2004

> On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 10:09 -0700, Matthew Sims wrote:
>> Now I had a problem forwarding X displays to this new linux setup. At
>> first I was simply getting a "Unable to open display" error. I ended
>> up recreating the .Xauthority and it helped...somewhat.
>> I can forward over /usr/openwin/bin/xlogo and admintool (the remote
>> server is Solaris). But I can't forward a third-party application. I
>> get this error now:
>> X Error of failed request:  BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window
>> parameter)
>>   Major opcode of failed request:  73 (X_GetImage)
>>   Resource id in failed request:  0x40
>>   Serial number of failed request:  132
>>   Current serial number in output stream:  132
> If you're forwarding with ssh >= 3.8, is ForwardX11Trusted enabled
> there?

My Slackware box is using OpenSSH_3.8.1p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004

I looked at sshd_config and there's no such listing as ForwardX11Trusted.

--Matthew Sims

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