[Xorg] Re: Faster render with gcc 3.4 mmx intrinsics

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 15 08:58:55 PDT 2004

Soeren Sandmann wrote:

> This essentially *changes* DefaultCCOptions for all of the framebuffer
> code, which is not very nice. The problem is
>         (a) MMX intrinsics don't work with -pedantic
>         (b) DefaultCCOptions includes -pedantic
>         (c) There is no way to _remove_ options from DefaultCCOptions
> Also, the code is written in a way that needs gcc's default inline
> heuristics to be turned off, but that's not a problem because you can
> easily *add* options to DefaultCCOptions.
> If someone has a clean solution, please let me know. 
> Personally I am inclined to just remove -pedantic from
> DefaultCCOptions, because the option it isn't really that useful.

Would it maybe be better to add something like StrictCCWarningOptions 
that include -pedantic and is used only where it will work (i.e., every 
place that doesn't use MMX intrinsics)?  I've run into similar 
irritations before.

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