[Xorg] Triple outputs 1 AGP dual Head 1 PCI dual head

Drew Masters drewmasters at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 03:53:16 PDT 2004

Hi, I'm currently running 2 graphics cards, one is a dual head Radeon
9800, the other is a dual head Radeon 7000. I can get both of these
cards working independently using Xorg. However i wish to run them
concurrently (although only using one head on the 7000). Whenever I
run startx the 9800 ouputs work whereas I get a no matching device
section.... error for the 7000. lspci returns the BusIds I'm using in
xorg.conf, I've reached the end of guessing what's causing it, I'm
stumped. Any ideas?

(I could be overlooking something horrendously obvious)



 I attach my xorg.conf file.
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