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Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Tue Jul 13 15:20:16 PDT 2004

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On Tuesday 13 July 2004 13:56, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Maw, 2004-07-13 at 18:00, Ian Romanick wrote:
> > The flip side is, of course, that there are even a few 3D capable cards
> > that don't have 3D support.  i740, Permedia2 (and most other 3dlabs
> > chips), Rendition chips, Trident Cyberblade, and NV3 come to mind.
> > There may be a few others.  Unfortunately, this isn't a purely man-power
> > solvable problem.  We need docs. :(
> We have cyberblade docs. We have enough info to do a bad older Nvidia
> (enough to be useful for 2D use of 3D). We have Cirrus docs, we have
> siliconmotion (I think), we have S3.

Yes, we have SMI docs, there's links on the DRI wiki.  And there's still an nv 
driver sitting in UtahGLX that needs to get ported to DRI.

> 3DLabs have provided some docs to people in the past so may not be
> intractible. i740 might be fun though 8(

I looked into i740 a few days ago.  The datasheets for the 740 and 810 are 
extremely similar, and comparing the feature lists, the 740 appears to be the 
810 without multitexturing and a few texture formats.  There was also a 
brief-lived i752 chip - which you could get on an AGP card like the 740 - 
which appears to be identical to the 810 graphics controller (i've seen 810 
chipsets that claim to have a 752 graphics controller on eBay).  So they're 
probably more similar than Intel lets on.

The register locations aren't the same, and there may be some other bugs that 
don't show up in the public 740 docs, but I strongly suspect a 740 DRI driver 
could be done from the public 810 docs.  It's no Radeon but it's probably 
faster than software Mesa for a few more iterations of Moore's Law.

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