Adding more features or more stability to the next release ? / was: Re: [Xorg] Next X.Org Foundation release plan

Alan Cox alan at
Tue Jul 13 10:24:59 PDT 2004

On Maw, 2004-07-13 at 03:22, Roland Mainz wrote:
> BTW: This reminds me to say that nearly one third of the platforms which
> should be supported by the Xorg tree in _theory_ do not work: For
> example MacOSX and SCO do not build... and don't even ask about the
> status of the AIX platform.

x86-64 Linux is broken too - it looks for Motif for one app but having
decided you have a motif of some kind hardassumes lib not lib64. 
Similarly unichrome was broken but these were all tiny trivial bug
fixes. Are the bugs like AIX / MacOSX trivial things ?

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