Xserver needs to run as "root" on Linux / was: Re: [Xorg] Server side widgets

Diego Calleja García diegocg at teleline.es
Tue Jul 13 08:24:21 PDT 2004

El Tue, 13 Jul 2004 10:06:22 -0400 Sean Middleditch <elanthis at awesomeplay.com> escribió:

> I log in.  I make a program that paints a full-screen window identical
> to GDM, but it takes the user names/passwords and mails them to me.  A
> user sits down, tries to log in, and poof, I stole their login
> information.

That can also happen for a kernel-based login right? Just do a program which
resembles to the kernel-based login. Windows desktop users don't use the 
ctrl+alt+sup combo anyway...they use that "login manager"

> I'm not at all convinced that the actual login screen and daemon needs
> to be in the kernel at all, but there does need to be a way to 100%

Reading a keyboard input and waiting for the user to press enter won't be
allowed inside the kernel (for good reasons) by kernel developers

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