[Xorg] OT: radeon questions

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon Jul 12 02:52:19 PDT 2004

On Monday 12 July 2004 05:06, Gene Heskett wrote:
>A patch for the kernels radeonfb just went by on lkml, and I've
>applied it and am rebuilding 2.6.8-rc1.
>I just ran lsmod and found that allthough I have it made as a
> module, it wasn't loaded, and neither is anything that looks like
> dri.
>I've added a 'modprobe radeonfb' to my rc.local but haven't yet
>rebooted.  modprobing it while x is running (XFree86-4.3.2) resulted
>in severe screen damages that required several screen switches to
>fully recover, and it seems (subjectively) to be slower.  glxgears
> is apparently not using it under these conditions, still in the
> 170-200 fps area.  Thats essentiually a 'no change'.
>Currently that portion of the lsmod output looks like this:
>[root at coyote drivers]# lsmod
>Module                  Size  Used by
>radeonfb               56936  0
>cfbcopyarea             3904  1 radeonfb
>cfbimgblt               3008  1 radeonfb
>cfbfillrect             3712  1 radeonfb
>So its loaded but apparently not being used.
>Where is the really proper place to put the loading commands (and
> the synatx to do it) so I get it all, well before X is started by
> hand after I login at runlevel 3?

Followup, loading radeonfb in rc.local resulted in a blank screen on 
reboot as soon as it was loaded, as in no characters were displayed 
although the cursor was visible and in the correct location.  I had 
to login blind, and do the startx blind.  X worked just fine, but 
didn't use the radeonfb that was loaded.   After exiting X, I tried 
to rmmod radeonfb (typing blind) which apparently worked as the 
screen went totally black, not even a cursor, but I was able to type 
reboot and do so.  After the reboot I added a 'Load  "radeonfb"' to 
the XF86Config file, but that was rejected by X as it couldn't find 
the module according to the logfile.

So how does one make use of this radeonfb kernel module?  Do I need to 
build it into the kernel?  The kernels Documentation dir, and the 
drivers/video/aty dirs are both bareft of any mention of this, as is 
the .config help.

Cheers, Gene
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