[Fwd: Re: [Xorg] X on OpenGL]

Solerman Kaplon solerman at wonder.com.br
Sat Jul 10 12:49:38 PDT 2004

-------- Original Message --------> forgott the replly all too

David Reveman wrote:

>Performance gain is
>probably even better on newer systems, I think nvidia is now actually
>using the 3D engine to do Xv PutImage requests for Xv adapters on
>geforce4 and geforceFX cards in their latest driver.
Correct, from the release highlights ( 
http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_1.0-6106.html ):

- Added a new Xv adaptor on GeForce4 and GeForce FX which uses the 3D 
engine to do Xv PutImage requests.

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