[Xorg] [debrix] exported symbols

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Sat Jul 10 10:30:37 PDT 2004

> >>I still don't have gnome-terminal compiled because it needs libGLU.
> > 
> > Jaw, meet floor.
> I dont really know why, but it seems to need it. :) gnome-terminal 
> showed itself on a debrix server but it loaded libGLU.so from X11-libs 
> (the monolithic tree) and severely corrupted the screen. Now I'm playing 
> in a chroot and I don't have anything but xlibs installed.

You can build GL rendering into libvte, but it's off by default unless
you specify --with-glX on the configure line. 

One of the many cases where you should trust the maintainer's choice
as to the default configure options....


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