[Xorg] X and Render protocol level reference (was Re: X on OpenGL)

Andy Sy andy at nospam.com
Sat Jul 10 03:26:08 PDT 2004

Keith Packard wrote:

> X has been implemented on many systems without direct pixel access; as 
> long as the system provides the basic pixel manipulations necessary for 
> the core (and Render) protocols, we're all set.  And, as ajax says, we can 
> always use glReadPixels

Speaking of protocols, is there a free electronic copy of the reference for
these protocols?  For a standard as open and free as X, I can't believe the
only source for it seems to be the (out-of-print?) volume 0 Protocol
Reference Manual from O'Reilly.

Are there also publicly available documentation for protocol level

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