[Xorg] X on OpenGL

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Jul 9 22:08:43 PDT 2004

Around 23 o'clock on Jul 9, Adam Jackson wrote:

> It might be more accurate to say that the goal is to make the X
> server a DRI client rather than an OpenGL app.

While that would be possible, that's not my goal -- if GL is available, I'd
rather just use that for the driver API.  We may want a few extensions, but
the X server should be able to run on plain unextended GL. David Reveman
and Peter Nilsson show us with Glitz just how feasible this is; glitz
provides essentially all of the Render semantics on GLX and AGL (with WGL
support coming soon).

Where GL isn't available, we'll do something else, probably using some of 
the research that Eric Anholt has done on the R128/Radeon cards (although 
those happen to have nice GL acceleration too).


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