[Xorg] Notes from release call

Daniel Stone daniel at freedesktop.org
Fri Jul 9 20:02:11 PDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 10:58:19PM -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Friday 09 July 2004 22:00, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 12:34:29PM -0700, Eric Anholt wrote:
> > > - debrix folks (Daniel Stone, Adam Jackson) have made a lot of progress
> > > on autotooling the x server but have found sticky issues with modules
> > > involving references to global symbols.  They've been fixed in that
> > > tree, mostly, but this may prove to be a hazard for vendors moving to
> > > .so modules
> >
> > Global symbols are OK, but they *must* be resolved at load time; they
> > cannot be lazily resolved. This means that the ATI driver, where ati had
> > global symbol deps on atimisc/r128/radeon, while the reverse was also
> > true, could not be loaded. Ever.
> >
> > Right now, our compromise is that Load "ati" works, but
> > atimisc/r128/radeon doesn't. The current thinking (well, for me anyway),
> > is to make a fake libatimisc/libr128/libradeon which just depends on
> > libati, and then rename the real ones to libati_atimisc, or whatever.
> Not to be contrary, but I'd thought I'd resolved that (ie, that you could load 
> r128 on its own without ati first).  If not, perhaps everything except the 
> chipset detection could be factored out into, say, aticore, which would then 
> be loaded by atimisc/r128/radeon.  'ati' would then be shorthand for "I'm too 
> lazy to figure out which chip I have, please load the right one for me".  
> Alternatively, if there exists a loader call that can query if a module is 
> already loaded, we can stick that at the beginning of the atimisc/r128/radeon 
> init routines.
> Any of the above works for me, but I think I like the aticore approach best if 
> it's feasible.

Oh, OK. I was just going on that we hadn't fixed that yet. My bad.

Nothing to see here. Move along, please. :)

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