[Xorg] Best config for Radeon 9x00?

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn d.jacobfeuerborn at conversis.de
Fri Jul 9 17:31:42 PDT 2004

What is the best config to run the fdo xserver on a Radeon 9x00 (r300) 
card? The only way I get things working so far is using Xvesa but that 
is very slow. Xati only lists a maximum resolution of 640x480 and when I 
start Xfbdev I only get a garbled screen (which I can get fixed by 
running the regular Xorg server). What would be the best config to get 
decent performance? I also got Waimea running and it would be neat to 
use both of them as regular desktop even if they aren't for production 
use right now. :)


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