[Xorg] Next X.Org Foundation release plan

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Jul 9 12:16:32 PDT 2004

Around 13 o'clock on Jul 9, Kevin E Martin wrote:

> - What is the state of each of these extensions, and what additional
>   work is needed to complete their integration into the CVS repository?

	In good shape.  I'd like to get the RegionExpand code integrated
	and tested as that seems necessary for some operations

	See my separate message about background == None windows, other 
	than that, I've got several significant systems using Damage
	and Composite with good results, so I think we're in pretty
	good semantic shape here.

	We still haven't got a 'clean' Composite implementation running
	on XAA-based drivers (or in fact any drivers other than kdrive),
	Deron Johnson has implemented a more generic wrapper layer but
	hasn't sent that back to the community yet.

> - What other functionality should be integrated before the release?

I've got a couple of works in progress which could be integrated into this 

	1)	TrueType wrappers for bitmap fonts.  This converts .BDF fonts
		into .TTF files, saving huge disk space, eliminating the
		font compilation step and improving performance.  Still
		unfinished is code to add a custom TTF block to hold whatever
		X specific values can't be crammed into standard TTF headers
		and then a TTF to BDF converter so we can test the 'round trip'
		ability of the system.

	2)	New Trapezoid specification for Render.  Work on cairo has 
		uncovered fundemental problems in tesselation algorithms that
		could take advantage of the funky Render trapezoids; it looks
		like it will be better to respecify Render to include only
		'normal' trapezoids and allow the weird representation for
		backward compatibility while internally converting it to the
		new format.

	3)	New trapezoid implementation for Render.  The current
		implementation is a disaster on many levels.  We have
		designed an alternate implementation but haven't managed to
		implement it yet.

The last two are blessedly isolated from the bulk of the X server code but 
a new trapezoid implementation should speed up cairo applications quite a 
bit, especially when coupled with acceleration improvements for Render in 
XAA and KAA.

I'm not sure I'll have time before mid-august for all of these projects, 
so if others have an interest, I can help get them started.


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