[Xorg] Multi-user systems

Svetoslav Slavtchev svetljo at gmx.de
Wed Jul 7 16:55:21 PDT 2004

> Here's a real reason to make multi-user work...
> Kracs writes "HP are supplying their low-cost multi-user 441 desktops
> to African schools. Running Mandrake Linux, and sporting four screens
> (1xTNT2 AGP, 3xTNT2 PCI), keyboards and mice (1 PS2 set, 3 USB sets)
> they provide relatively cheap computer access for up to four users (of
> particular interest to schools in low economic zones). However,
> according to this article on New Zealand's Xtra news page they've only
> manufactured enough to outfit schools in South Africa. HP has commented
> that they're talking to several organisations and are hoping to bring
> the PC to market in other regions but have stated they will only be
> marketed to developing countries." (Remember, there are also home-grown
> methods to achieve similar results.)
> http://xtramsn.co.nz/news/0,,3782-3495250,00.html
> http://h40058.www4.hp.com/products/desktops/441/prod_info.html


have someone missed my request to merge a patch included in 
Mandrake cooker & Debian sarge ?

it would be really nice if you could include it, till the other
big changes take

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