[Xorg] Migration to tla?

Daniel Stone daniel at freedesktop.org
Tue Jul 6 21:50:53 PDT 2004

Hi all,
This only concerns the xlibs repository right now. Before you go
screaming about X.Org, please note that I don't have designs on your

Yet. :)

I've been using tla for a while now, and having to move around, do
imports from the monolithic tree, do branching, etc, etc, made me
realise how much CVS sucks. As well as the changeset problem,
moving/renaming files, binary files, branching, etc. I finally snapped
when I looked at Roland's 'merge two branches' question, and wanted to
scream out 'tla star-merge!'.

So, I plan to do further xlibs development beyond a point in tla. All my
debrix development will be done in tla once I get it imported into arch,
which shouldn't take long at all. There are only two active debrix
contributors right now, but there are a couple more to xlibs (sort of

What does anyone who actively/regularly commits to xlibs think about
moving to tla? I envision an all-tla repository, with a unidirectional
CVS gateway, so people using anoncvs can still check it out. This is
what will happen for debrix; if there is too much consternation for
xlibs, I will simply do all my development in tla, and have this gated
to the CVS tree (which sucks, but there you go).

tla offers the following advantages:
	* Anyone can create their own branch off anything, without
	  having an account.
	* You can then merge this -- history intact, but with a revision
	  note about having merged from a given branch -- with one
	  command: tla star-merge.
	* You can pick and choose what you want; merging patches as
	  discrete units is far, far easier if you're using tla right.
	* GnuPG signing support.
	* True changesets are pretty invaluable.
	* No need to have people SSHing into commit; simply have one
	  master branch, and star-merge into that.
	* A lot more flexibility and granularity than CVS.
	* The ability to keep our history/branches intact when we move.
	* Sanity.

I am more than happy to help any xlibs hacker who wants to start using
tla to make the jump.

Are there any concerns? I ask only because I noted that xlibs-commit, of
late, has been almost all me, and having to use CVS is hindering my work

:) d

Daniel Stone                                            <daniel at freedesktop.org>
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