[Xorg] Pixmap 24/32 on dual videocard system

Nils Breunese breun at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 6 02:15:13 PDT 2004

> Keith Packard wrote:
>>> Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
>> This is a bit confusing to me though; the X server can "hide" the fact 
>> that a screen is 24bpp and instead offer 32bpp Z-format images; this 
>> works around numerous bugs in applications which can't deal with the 
>> odd 24bpp format.  At first blush, I would have guessed that with the 
>> server doing this there wouldn't be any trouble with screens using 
>> different internal formats as long as the exposed image format was the 
>> same.  That can probably be fixed if it is indeed a problem.
> I am curiously awaiting his results with the current driver.

I just commented out the Pixmap Option in my xorg.conf to let X
determine the pixmap depth values itself. Judging from Xorg.0.log it
sets 24 for the SiS card and 32 for the nvidia one. But X won't start.

(**) NVIDIA(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 32


(**) SIS(1): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 24


Fatal server error:
Inconsistent depth 24 pixmap format.  Exiting

This is not a Xinerama setup, so why does the server complain about
inconsistent depth 24 pixmap format? I thought it did not matter when
not in Xinerama mode?

Then again, you're talking about trying the 'current driver'. I guess
maybe that's not the one I got on my system. I just got the latest
testing rpm of xorg-x11 for Fedora 2 on my system. I never actually
looked into CVS and compiling my own stuff. This is the version I have:

(II) SIS(1): SiS driver (2004/02/26-1)
(II) SIS(1): Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Thomas Winischhofer
<thomas at winischhofer.net> and others
(II) SIS(1): Compiled for X.Org

> (However, the "nv" driver doesn't set these flags either. If the sis 
> driver works with these flags set and both settings for the Pixmap "24" 
> and "32", I'd say it's about time to fix the nv driver to do the same.)

On my system the sus driver only works when set to 24, but that you say
is proabably fixed in the 'current version'? Indeed the nv driver
doesn't work when set to 24. Also nvidia's own binary release doesn't
support setting it to 24.


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