[Xorg] Pixmap 24/32 on dual videocard system

Nils Breunese breun at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 5 15:00:55 PDT 2004

Thomas Winischhofer wrote:

>>> The SiS 6326 does not support 32 bpp (32 bit framebuffer depth).
>> Apparently, but the nvidia driver also doesn't seem to support 24. Just a
>> bad combination of videocards then?
> I find it strange that you encounter this problem at all. Are you trying 
> to run "Xinerama" or the "normal" kind of dual-head where each screen 
> gets an X session of its own?
> If the latter, I would think that the pixmap depth should not matter at 
> all; the screens are entirely independent. With Xinerama, however, the 
> screens must be in sync wrt color depth, framebuffer depth and some 
> other criteria.
> Please let me know if my current driver fixes your problem.

I haven't had the time to try your driver yet, but I would like to 
respond to the statement above. I currently have a 'normal' kind of 
dual-head setup (as can be seen from the xorg.conf I attached to my 
original post). If the pixmap should not matter at all, then how should 
I set it up? Can I specify a separate pixmap depth for each card/driver? 
Now it's just a server-wide flag I'm setting.


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