[Xorg] getconfig.pl

Egbert Eich eich at pdx.freedesktop.org
Mon Jul 5 05:56:06 PDT 2004

Daniel Stone writes:
 > Last I checked, the whole thing was under the X-Oz licence, which was
 > the same as XFree86 1.1.

The license in the pieces that are in the X.Org code are under the original
1.0 license terms. The newer pieces which are not in the X.Org code are under
the 1.1 license.

 > > It is certainly not a good idea to maintain such a list in the program
 > > itself. I assume it was just ment to be a temporary solution. Such a list
 > > can be kept in a separate data file, however xorg.conf doesn't seem to
 > > be the right place as it is used as a custom configuration file. Even
 > > with automatic configuration around one must be able to create such a
 > > custom file and that one would then most likely overwrite this data.
 > > Any other file in /etc/X11 would be fine, I think.
 > This is what /usr/share is for - static data files.

It depends how static these really are. /etc contains a lot of conf
files with blacklist data and other things one could argue to be static
also. This data file seems to be alnong that line.


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