Remaining differences between modular & monolith installs

Mike A. Harris mharris at
Mon Oct 17 18:42:45 PDT 2005

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> I've been diff'ing install trees produced by the modular & monolith
> CVS head's lately.   (You may have noticed all the man page checkins
> to bring the modular man pages up to what's installed by the monolith.
> Another set should be coming soon for the driver man page.)
> Other major remaining inconsistencies I've seen:
>  - app-defaults are installed to /etc/X11/app-defaults instead of
>    $(prefix)/lib/X11/app-defaults.   Any objection to moving them
>    back?   (/etc/X11/app-defaults is traditionally where sites install
>    custom versions to override the /usr/X11/lib... versions.   As bug
>    4626 notes, this breaks the ability to use localized app-defaults.)
>  - The xdm config files that used to be installed under
>    ProjectRoot/lib/X11/xdm are now just under $(prefix)/lib/xdm.
>    If we're going to move them, /etc/X11/xdm seems a more correct place
>    for the config files, but the others (like chooser and the default
>    pixmaps) should probably stay under $(prefix)/lib/X11/xdm.  Any
>    thoughts?

The File Heirarchy Standard reserves the /usr/share hierarchy for
architecture independant data files.  If the app-defaults files
are considered architecture independant, they should reside in
/usr/share on FHS compliant systems.  However, if they're
considered to be architecture specific, then /usr/lib/<app>/...
is probably the better place.  My understanding is that they are
architecture independent however, so /usr/share seems to be the
right place for them.

On FHS compliant systems, the xdm config files seem to fit best
in the /etc/X11/xdm part of the hierarchy, which I believe is
where most Linux distros install them currently.

The xkb data files also seem to be architecture independent data
which fit into the FHS's /usr/share category.

There may be additional files/dirs in the tree which make sense
to move to /usr/share for FHS compliance also.  If I notice others,
I'll pass them along here for comment too.


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