[RFC][PATCH 1/1] - Preliminary - xorgconfig - Fix detection of xorg.conf when creating and when specifying file (breaks when --sysconfdir is set with configure) [REDO]

Shawn Starr shawn.starr at rogers.com
Sat Oct 1 00:05:30 PDT 2005

This should be much easier to apply.

The following patch fix Xorg in creation of xorg.conf, the default location 
of xorg.conf (when no arguments specified) and the custom selection of a 
config file.

*** NOTE: These will likely break xorgcfg and the xorgconfig tools as I have 
not modified them yet, if people report Xorg continues to work for them I 
will fix the other tools next.

To apply:

1) Make sure you have the xorg modular checkout structure as mentioned in 
Wiki, make sure you run the utils/modular/symlink.sh against xc to make 
xserver properly.

2) make sure you apply patch from outside xserver directory with -p0.

Please test.


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