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Wed Oct 13 00:16:01 PDT 2010

        return MODE_OK;
	Introducing more MODE_OK in this function seems to be no sense
for the validation. I agree. What I want for this function in the next
patch is as follows:
	if(some state)
		return MODE_CLOCK;
	else if(some state)
		return MODE_OK;
	if(some state)
		return MODE_PANEL;
	return MODE_OK;
	That is why I think keep the MODE_OK there(Otavio adds these
MODE_OK validation code, he must have the reason, So I keep them) is not
a big deal. I'll work with Otavio to make a better solution on that.
	BTW, Alex has given me suggestion on which mode should be
filtered out in his mail:
	Thing you need to validate:
		- max, min pixel clocks the pll is able to generate
		- max, min pixel clocks supported by various encoders
(TMDS, DAC, etc.)
		- fixed panel size
		- memory bandwidth
	I will follow this to write a better lx_output_mode_valid
function in the next patch to satisfy the requirement.
	Glad to see you guys' more "wrong wrong wrong" reply:).=20


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