[Xorg-driver-geode] xf86-video-geode: Changes to 'master'

Huang, FrankR FrankR.Huang at amd.com
Mon Oct 11 18:38:20 PDT 2010

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> On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 09:23:35AM +0800, Huang, FrankR wrote:
> > The reason why valid modes are being pruned is due to the MODE_BAD
> > return in this function. In the following function
> > xf86PruneInvalidModes, the modes that is not MODE_OK will be deleted.
> > It is very clear. Just look at the code and you can get the answer. So
> > I don't know "introduces more bugs" means what? What bug exactly will
> > be introduced? If you take the example Ajax gave(1920x1440 160), we
> > can add code to filter out that mode in the mode_valid function.
> What your patch does is:
> if (something)
> 	return MODE_OK
> if (something_else)
> 	return MODE_OK
> if (something_misc)
> 	return MODE_OK
> return MODE_OK
> This is clearly and obviously wrong. If you're always going to return
> MODE_OK, then what are the other checks for? The rational analysis is
> that they're the bits of code that are intended to determine whether a
> mode is ok, and if they don't succeed then the mode is bad. Your problem
> is that they're failing to pass for valid modes. Figure out why not and
> you'll know how to fix this bug properly.
Got the idea. But unfortunely, there is no obvious code for me to refer to pass for the valid mode in xorg.conf. I use DDD debug tool and does not find any difference between the mode probed by EDID and mode from xorg.conf. Do you know?
I think for ATI&&INTEL driver, there is no code to limit the mode from xorg.conf, so my opinion is just to return MODE_OK. As follow:
	xxx_mode_valid (){
		Return MODE_OK;
Otavio, what's your opinion? Do you still think we need to add the above three MODE_OK??

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