[Xorg-driver-geode] AMD Geode Driver notes

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Sun Dec 23 09:17:31 PST 2007

On 23/12/07 02:31 -0800, Larry Maloney wrote:
> I added the ErrorF messages to the amd_lx_driver.c code.
> I've been loading the driver, but I don't see any output from ErrorF.
> I played with some of the options in xorg.conf 
> If you set Option "NoMTRR" and run Xorg with the AMD driver the machine 
> will reboot.

There are no MTRRs on Geode - this migh be X reacting badly to that news.

> I am getting this message intermittently, but pretty consistent..
> (WW) AMD(0): xf86UnMapVidMem: cannot find region for [0x2878b000,0xe7e000]

THat one is pretty odd - I'm not sure why it should pop up.

> And this message shows up all the time:
> WW) AMD(0): Failed to set write-combining range (0xec000000,0x107e000)

Thats because we don't have MTRRs

> And, I put the ErrorF statements in LXReadMSR and LXWriteMSR, I'm outputing 
> addr, lo and hi
> That looks like the only things to print.
> Here are TWO of the log files.
> One is without Acceleration, the other is with acceleration.
> When I turn on Acceleration, Xorg starts,  I get a cursor, it can move, 
> then the (twm) background starts to load, and I can see a few parts of the
> screen that start get rendered, and then the freeze up.  I don't think the 
> freeze up occurs inside xorg, I think it's happening in the amd driver.

It is definately happening in the AMD driver - I can point you at the
exact line, if you want. :)

> PS:  So this is an MTRR problem right?

No.   This is a failure setting a key MSR for the acceleration engine.


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