Bug#943664: Solution for PowerMac11,2

Ralf P. debian at paaschen.de
Thu Apr 30 19:40:51 UTC 2020


On my Apple G5 (PowerMac11,2) hardware acceleration was disabled
because of a failed "ring 0 test", resulting in the error
"undefined symbol: exaGetPixmapDriverPrivate"

According to a note I found on the net "the PCIe-x16 slot is directly
connected to the system controller and the other PCIe-x slots are
routed through some kind of hub."

The "ring 0 test" failure was resolved after moving the graphics card
from the x16 slot to the x8 slot. Hardware acceleration now works.

Note: For me this triggers another bug: If I run my AMD Radeon
hardware accelerated the X11 internal font server shows garbled
(sometimes looking like reversed) characters.
Client side font rendering (Firefox, LibreOffice, Emacs, sakura)
My Nvidia card is affected too. Until now I have no soultion for this.

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