[Bug 74096] EXA uninitialized crash when DRI2 disabled

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Sat Sep 14 18:58:14 UTC 2019


--- Comment #8 from howaboutsynergy <howaboutsynergy at pm.me> ---
the possible fix patch that's attached to this thread (in 2014) doesn't work
for me on this issue, even though I applied it (it doesn't apply cleanly on
latest git).

However, I noticed that if I turn off vsync via `vsync off` (see script
mentioned in bug 111687), then I install latest xf86-video-ati git, then exit
Xorg, then startx, it doesn't crash on startup! However, if I dare do `vsync
auto` (to turn on vsync without restarting X or xfwm4) then it instantly
crashes in the same place(apparently) as before.

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