[Bug 111004] X crash in memcpy (RX590)

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--- Comment #5 from maxamar at mail.ru ---
As i've checked must be at least SSE & SSE2 for it to boot. There were other
reports on Proxmox forums which stated that with GPU it only works with with
small RAM.

> Please take it up with KVM folks then.
For what - that's "by-design".

Related bug

> Disable use of SSE instructions in Xorg's xf86SlowBcopy() function.
> When such instructions are used to copy data from/to mapped video
> memory, some hypervisors (e.g. KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V) can generate
> SIGILL or SIGBUS exceptions, causing Xorg to crash.

memcpy & memmove should get the same fix

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