[Bug 110806] Display not recognized if initially disconnected

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Mon Jun 3 13:05:38 UTC 2019


--- Comment #4 from Ropid <rropid at gmail.com> ---
I got this to work right with LightDM. Looking at "man sddm.conf", it seems the
same method could also work with SDDM.

I created the following three scripts inside "/etc/lightdm/":

$ tail -n+1 display-setup session-setup xrandr-auto.sh 
==> display-setup <==
/etc/lightdm/xrandr-auto.sh &

==> session-setup <==
pkill -x xrandr-auto.sh

==> xrandr-auto.sh <==
trap 'kill -- $(jobs -p)' EXIT
LC_ALL=C xev -root -event randr |
while read -r line; do
    # trigger only on certain lines
    if [[ $line == "RRScreenChangeNotify event"* ]]; then
        echo "$(date +%H:%M:%S.%N): screen change event"
        # in background, sleep a bit and run xrandr --auto
        # and don't start multiple background jobs
        if [[ ! $(jobs) ]]; then
                sleep 1;
                echo "$(date +%H:%M:%S.%N): run xrandr"
                xrandr --auto
            } &

And then in "/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf", I configured the following:


The interesting part is inside "xrandr-auto.sh". That script uses 'xev' to
capture screen change events and it runs "xrandr --auto" when those events
happen. This seems to solve the problem here for me. I can now boot without a
monitor being connected, and when I connect the monitor the login screen will
show up correctly.

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