[Bug 110473] FreeSync / VRR stops working after window switching or minimizing

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Mon Jul 8 09:19:35 UTC 2019


--- Comment #10 from Peter <zurohki at gmail.com> ---
I think I am still seeing the same bug, it's just that I'm only hitting it once
every few weeks which makes it hard to produce useful information. I see WoW
stuttering and Freesync not working, and then I have to try and remember what I
was just doing.

Today I switched back to WoW and saw Freesync not working.

I switched out and back, still no Freesync.

I alt-tabbed out and checked my Xorg log file. This was at 110209.766.

When I switched back to WoW again, I had Freesync.

The relevant section seems to be from 109971 to 110309 in my log file.
Alt-tabbing produces those "Deleting VRR property for window 0x2f44c50" lines,
but clicking a window on the taskbar doesn't.

I think I alt-tabbed away from WoW at 109971.346, and then alt-tabbed three
times and clicked WoW once. Between 110209 and 110309 I looked at my log file
and made a note of what I'd just been doing, then clicked WoW on the taskbar
and had Freesync back at 110309.

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