[Bug 109364] switching vsync on and off in vkquake breaks TearFree

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Tue Jan 22 09:42:52 UTC 2019


--- Comment #24 from Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net> ---
(In reply to tempel.julian from comment #22)
> If we can't manage to find the root of the problem, perhaps automatically
> re-initializing TearFree after it detects failure would be a viable
> workaround?

I'd like to get to the bottom of these issues first, then I'll think about
possible mitigation of similar issues in the future.

Please attach a log file from reproducing the problem with amdgpu.dc=0.

> Btw: It may be "helpful" to switch the vsync setting several times in
> vkquake to provoke the problem, not just once.

I've tried it several times.

> The game also limits the fps by default to 72, I suggest using a value well
> above refresh rate (e.g. at least "host_maxfps 80" via the game's console or
> config for 75Hz).

Are you saying you can't reproduce the problem with lower values?

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