[Bug 109364] switching vsync on and off in vkquake breaks TearFree

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Mon Jan 21 19:39:37 UTC 2019


--- Comment #22 from tempel.julian at gmail.com ---
Yes, I think one of your changes introduced a difference between amdgpu.dc=1
and 0 in that regard:
With amdgpu.dc=0, TearFree remains enabled after switching vsync in vkquake on
and off and then exiting the game. It just breaks the game's vsync when turning
it from off to on, then there is tearing despite of the fps being locked to the
refresh rate. Moving windows is still free of tearing after closing the game,
unlike with amdgpu.dc=1. When I start vkquake again when I left the game's
vsync enabled, it works without issues without having to re-enable TearFree

With amdgpu.dc=1, TearFree breaks "for good" after switching the game's vsync
option, I have to re-enable TearFree then.

If we can't manage to find the root of the problem, perhaps automatically
re-initializing TearFree after it detects failure would be a viable workaround?

Btw: It may be "helpful" to switch the vsync setting several times in vkquake
to provoke the problem, not just once. The game also limits the fps by default
to 72, I suggest using a value well above refresh rate (e.g. at least
"host_maxfps 80" via the game's console or config for 75Hz).

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