[Bug 102054] KDE desktop compositing occasionally causes flickering and frozen window contents

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--- Comment #11 from David Ford <david+bugs.freedesktop.org at blue-labs.org> ---
To be more clear about this, it's not the Radeon driver. It happens with Nvidia
as well. This bug has existed for the better part of a decade, it's just that
nobody cares to address it. There are even widgets written to toggle
compositing off and back on to "fix" your desktop.

It presents in what appears to be several ways but in reality is very few; the
gist of it is that screen updates simply stop happening for a large number of
methods, they seem to get blocked on something. Screen updates will happen on
significant context change. That is, changing virtual desktops, switching to
text and back to gui, manual movement of windows, etc. All other triggered
updates simply go to narnia.

Symptoms; screen appears to freeze, modal dialogs make screens flash, frozen
tearing, very choppy scrolling in browser, etc.

You can restart your compositor by toggling it off and back on; shift-alt-f12
twice with default key bindings for KDE/plasma.

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