[Bug 110473] FreeSync / VRR stops working after window switching or minimizing

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Fri Apr 19 23:31:12 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Peter <zurohki at gmail.com> ---
As discussed in
I can get Freesync back in World of Warcraft by maximizing other windows over
top of WoW and minimizing them all until just WoW is left.

Bioshock Infinite is an OpenGL game which displays similar behavior - after
alt-tabbing out of the game and returning, Freesync doesn't work. Bioshock
minimizes itself if it loses focus, so the trick described above doesn't work.
It needs to be closed and run again to get Freesync back.

Michel Dänzer suggested it might be a bug in the code keeping track of which
window is flipping and whether or not Freesync should be enabled for it.

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