[Bug 108355] Civilization VI - Artifacts in mouse cursor

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Thu Nov 15 21:04:16 UTC 2018


--- Comment #18 from Hadrien Nilsson <freedesktop at psydk.org> ---
(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #17)
> Unfortunately, I had to revert these changes due to bug 108650. Please test
> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/daenzer/xf86-video-amdgpu/commit/
> d4f250aecabd07a524bf6df3d8eb9e00e589dcf0 instead.

It's sad the situation is so confusing. Maybe a new mouse cursor API could be
created that accepts normal alpha, as this is the common way to store it (in
PNG files for example)? With a conversion to what the hardware expects, of
course. It looks like a lot of developers are unable to correctly use an API
that expects premultiplied alpha, with the additional difficulty that the
documentation does not say it explicitly.

Regarding Wayland, I opened a ticket to ask for a documentation update, as an
attempt to avoid the same confusion we have now with X. Hopefully the
documentation maintainer will be sensitive to the problem.

Anyway, I tested your branch (cursor-unpremultiply-overflow-no-gamma) and
unfortunately it freezes my system as soon as the Civilization VI cursor is
about to be shown.

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