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--- Comment #19 from James <james at nurealm.net> ---
An odd thing I've noticed, maybe representing the same underlying issue,
emerging at the  same time as the "Invalid command stream" problem, with the
upgrade from xorg-server 1.19 to 1.20, I see differing kinds of display
corruption with successive restarts of the X server.  For instance, sometimes
the cursor is normal but the remainder of the display is corrupted, but other
times, only the cursor is corrupted and the remainder of the display is normal.
 In particular, in the session I currently have running, the cursor is
corrupted on the desktop, but normal over any application window, and the
interesting thing is that there are none of the "Invalid command stream" errors
to be seen in the log.

Additionally, I upgraded Arch Linux on an old laptop with NVidia  "GeForce
7150M / nForce 630M" hardware, and started seeing similar different results
when restarting the X server, for instance, after trying kwin_wayland and
Xwayland, and then restarting the X11 server running with nouveau.  And so,
this display corruption seems not tied to just the radeon driver.

I am given the impression that there is a connection between the "Invalid
command stream" errors and these screen corruption errors.

Also, I was reading at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Rendering_Manager
"In 2014 Matt Roper (Intel) developed the universal planes (or unified planes)
concept by which framebuffers (primary planes), overlays (secondary planes) and
cursors (cursor planes) are all treated as a single type of object with an
unified API.[151] Universal planes support provides a more consistent DRM API
with fewer, more generic ioctls.[33]"

In that sense, it appears that the display corruption may be moving between
"primary planes" and "cursor planes", as a naive interpretation.

Michel, if you think that these two issues, the "Invalid command stream" errors
and the differing forms of display corruption with X server restarts, please
let me know, and I will avoid filing a separate bug report for the display
corruption, though I don't know if this is hardware driver related, DRM/render
related, or KMS related.

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