[Bug 98046] iMac11,1 (RV770/M98L [Mobility Radeon HD 4850]) needs nomodeset to boot

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Sun Jul 22 08:41:41 UTC 2018


--- Comment #20 from jamesstewartmiller at gmail.com ---
looks like the edid is fried.

his is read-edid version 3.0.2. Prepare for some fun.
Attempting to use i2c interface
Only trying 6 as per your request.
256-byte EDID successfully retrieved from i2c bus 6
Looks like i2c was successful. Have a good day.
Checksum Correct

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier "Color LCD"
        ModelName "Color LCD"
        VendorName "APP"
        # Monitor Manufactured week 28 of 2009
        # EDID version 1.4
        # Digital Display
        DisplaySize 600 340
        Gamma 2.20
        Option "DPMS" "true"

        #Extension block found. Parsing...
extb[4]: 0x23 (0x20)
Hmm, you have data blocks, but not video ones... weird
Something strange happened. Please contact the author,

I'll try updating the apple firmware to see if that might help.

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