[Bug 105217] Blank screen with only mouse pointer after 7.10 radeon driver update (mesa 17.2.8); display does not switch to tty7 upon lightdm start; Xorg.0.log quickly grows

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(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #1)
> (In reply to james.coulthard from comment #0)
> > 
> > It upgraded the following libraries (`/var/log/dpkg.log [pkg][old ver][new
> > ver]`):
> Are those the only packages that were upgraded?
[JMC] Yes, these are exactly the packages that upgraded at the time of the
issue.  Nothing else.  Definitively not unity or compiz packages.  I held off
taking those updates.
> > I appear to be booting to the wrong VT display. All of the symptoms above
> > are true; however, if I perform a
> > <kbd>CTRL</kbd>+<kbd>ALT</kbd>+<kbd>F1</kbd> (up to <kbd>F6</kbd>) at
> > startup and then immediately perform a
> > <kbd>CTRL</kbd>+<kbd>ALT</kbd>+<kbd>F7</kbd>, which switches the VT, I go to
> > my normal desktop as if it had booted correctly.
> That sounds like an Ubuntu startup issue then.
[JMC]  Possibly, but, I've seen other posts online where an issue with the
driver causes the blank screen and mouse pointer.  I'm thinking it might be a
delay or race condition with Upstart or LightDM waiting on Xorg to start, but,
root cause stems from radeon (ie. the warning messages.)  Also, Xorg.0.log
shouldn't fill up with 30MB of warning messages in 8 hours...  

> Does the problem also occur using the Xorg modesetting driver instead of
> radeon? If not, please attach the corresponding Xorg log file.
[JMC] I have not tried this.  Will try it and report back.
> > I think something is hosed with the 7.10 radeon driver in mesa 17.2.8,
> The Xorg radeon driver is independent from Mesa. This issue doesn't look
> directly related to Mesa.
[JMC]  Agree.  I believe it was just coincident that radeon and Mesa updated at
the same time.

[JMC] Thanks for taking the time to look at this Michael.  Pls let me know if
there is anything you would like to see form the system.

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