[Bug 102054] KDE desktop compositing occasionally causes flickering and frozen window contents

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Fri Aug 3 19:21:54 UTC 2018


--- Comment #8 from Greg Turner <gmt at be-evil.net> ---
Maybe a totally different code-path but I definitely have some moderate
artifacting when I enable desktop effects and enough monitors on my RX480.  The
artifacting appears during desktop effects magic, i.e., during window drags,
but goes away as soon as the magic stops.

Usually the artifacts are "medium" sized and always appear on a particular
display within a limited (but not fully predictable) area, as if a 3d texture
were being rendered there.  

The (apparent) texture, itself, always appears to consist of a jumbled mess of
pixels sampled "accidentally" from somewhere in video/compositor memory (but
not necessarily the pixels from the desktop effect).

While this happens, the "desktop effects" magic works fine, and nothing else
wierd happens; it just goes away once I stop moving my window (or whatever).

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