[Bug 103013] Qt/Xfce rendering problems with Radeon HD 6670

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Thu Sep 28 07:10:10 UTC 2017


--- Comment #7 from Deposite Pirate <dpirate at metalpunks.info> ---
Yes, I have. This is one of the first things I tried to fix the problem. But it
makes no sense to me that this could be the problem as only qTox is affected
now. KeepassXC used to be, but after a while it wasn't anymore, without me
doing anything special.

I also thought some files might be corrupted. But I recently moved the arch
linux install on the affected machine (all my machines are running up to date
arch linux) to a new hard drive and the Qt, qTox and KeepassXC packages have
all been upgraded a few times since so I'm pretty sure if somehow there were
corrupted files they should all have been overwritten by now. I moved the
install from a true hardware RAID-1 array that did not fail which makes it also
pretty unlikely there were bad sectors or something anyway.

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