[Bug 102643] xf86-video-ati 7.10.0 with EXA acceleration GDM corruption unable to log into GNOME session

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--- Comment #12 from lei.pero at gmail.com ---
(In reply to loup001 from comment #11)
> I add a similar problem too.
> Using sddm with xfce4.
> Login agent 'sddm' with same symptoms as yours.
> I fixed it by :
> A downgraded xf86-video-ati to previous version,
> Adjusted screen set-up to xorg default ( change from 1600x1200 @75hz to 60hz
> which is the default set-up for all distro on that machine)
> Removed all config in radeon at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-radeon.conf
> Reboot @ upgrade xf86-video-ati to 7.10
> Upgraded successfully !
> Customized radeon with previous set-up
> Hope this work for you if you try !

Nope, that doesn't work in my case, and I don't see the reason why it should
work, but thanks. I've solved my problem partially, got acceptable solution,
simply using glamor, but forcing Option "DRI" "2". That was how I used it 1
year ago or so, but did found out that EXA works better for my use case.

Still, bug should be reported, I've tried all pageflip related options in Xorg
configuration, same thing, from what I've seen in the code of the mentioned
patch, it seems that removing:

-extern Bool
-radeon_get_pixmap_handle(PixmapPtr pixmap, uint32_t *handle);

from radeon_bo_helper.h togheter with the rest of the code broke things, I've
tried to rever those changes but got compilation errors,a nd since I'm not
programmer and not familiar with structure I assume other commits latter might
relate to this one, so it would be hard for me to find what is the problem.

It could be that added lines in exa file did something, I will try to find it
again, probably today.

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