[Bug 103599] My AMD Radeon R7 M265 dedicated VGA not recognized by ATI Radeon driver

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Mon Nov 6 22:43:16 UTC 2017


--- Comment #12 from yousifjkadom2-new at yahoo.com ---
I understand now ! Finally I get releaf from this headache !

Only one question (last one here) whay laptop can not perform automatic switch
between dedicated VGA & built-in Intel card ? Is the case is same in Windows OS
? I never ever shift to Windows OS, but I like to be oriented. Is amdgpu same
regarding need for manual switching between built-in & dedicated cards ? 

Or it could be that I'm wrong in principle & there is no such automatic
switching ? They said that Fedora 25 + will support such hybrid system & from
that time I have in my mind an automatic switch ..... !  


By the way, can you kindly look for this bug that I file it:


you ask me about files & I supplied you them but no further replay or comment
from your side .... 

According to your kind replies here, it seem that bug102520 contain nonsense
speech from my side about amdgpu & my AMD Radeon card & ATI Radeon driver on my
system. But what about the remainder (issue in it's title) ?

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