Amdgpu and carrizo R6

Stuart Norman cyrwyn at
Tue Jan 3 18:28:17 UTC 2017

I use pclinuxos. When X 1.18 was released the catalyst driver was removed and 
replaced by amdgpu which does not work with my chipset. AMD isn't supporting 
catalyst past X 1.17. The chipset is an integrated APU/GPU A10 8700p which is 
R6 Volcanic Islands Carrizo.  I can only make it work by using nomodeset in 
the kernel command line and without an Xorg.conf file. It's pretty lousy 
resolution of 800x600. The AMD site doesn't show any Linux support for Carrizo 
R6 graphics except for Windows. I saw a chart on for amdgpu that shows 
support for carrizo. Will amdgpu soon support this chip? 

I assume the ati driver won't work. Should I try the vesa driver or is there 
another way to make fb offer a higher resolution?  Should vga=788 be removed 
from the kernel command line? 

The computer is HP 17-gwm121 laptop using UEFI. 

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